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Housed in the museum's two galleries is a collection of artifacts and stories that create a timeline from the founding of the colony to current operations around the world.


From the founding of Charleston to current deployments, South Carolina continues to be at the forefront of land, sea, and air operations. Take a walk through our galleries to experience the full extent of the Palmetto State's rich military history.


With a collection of small arms that reaches back to the 1600's, the Museum is able to tell the full military history of South Carolina like never before.


Honoring the building's beginnings as a National Guard motor pool, you'll find wheeled and tracked vehicles inside and outside the museum. Fully operational in their former life, these transports and fire support vehicles were vital to military operations.


Artillery has long been known as King of the Battlefield, and visiting the museum will teach you why.  The museum houses the largest collection of cannons in the Midlands and they represent hundreds of years of military history.


From canteens and boots to radios and flashlights, learn how those who serve operate and adapt to changing

conditions in the field.

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